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Lola Montico

​​I have always worked with nature using all kinds of elements that Mother Earth provides me. I started when I was little in my house in Montevideo, Uruguay next to a Weeping Willow which I admired and at the foot of the tree I kept each leaf, each branch, because  the wind took them away. So I began to think about the permanence of the translated forms in other materials, which without being the originals,  would be suitable by affinity. I began to see and imagine them in my mind, illustrating them.


I used to look up and contemplate them, their shapes gave me the sensation of beings with their woody trunks. When I look at them I feel that they were part of human existence. They remind me of a song  by Eros Ramazzotti that when I heard it I felt that it was me, that said "And they remember how he became a tree because he decided so and stayed there looking at the land where new flowers were born".... when I heard that song by Eros I identified myself and imagined the scene. My happiness said to myself, that, I know that now I found it, that because I have all the  time for myself. I no longer need more thannobody. All the beauty of life is for me. An enchanted fable.

I started as a Ceramist and Potter making utilities, y ways that clay permeates meI could feel the cold of the material and its plasticity gave me a feeling of pleasure and relief who were showing me the way to research and observation. Curiosity led me to a figurative art workshop which I loved and could work with a model to explore the human body in person. The figurative tridimension was very interesting but it bored me a lot.

I needed to add the surreal part to it. So I began to investigate since my interest in meeting them was my way, and I met Artists who inspired me and led me towards André Breton and his thoughts. Where does surrealism come from? that is, who formed that movement, how could I apply it to my Botany. Would they be Surrealist Works that I imagined? It was all in my head and I had to capture it.

I did some research on Breton y surrealism and I was interested in his work by , teacher of teachers, who had ideas that revolutionized the world of artistic expression and created surrealism. In a world where everything was attached to what human eyes saw, where everything had to be rational and where that was the reason for intellectual discussions, surrealism arose.

A movement that prioritized the free expression of thought over materials and thus I discovered that in all areas of daily life, starting from poetry and art until reaching ethics, religion and politics.

Thus, Surrealism is not only an artistic-literary manifestation, but a position taken against the traditional values of bourgeois culture and society and against realism in art.

He defends the idea of the inner model in every creative act, of otherness, of absolute automatism (applied to poetic and artistic practice), as well as the adoption of meta-artistic methods from psychoanalysis, such as hypnosis, which allow the release of human consciousness and the return to primitive and primal states of thought. Information that I was collecting with which I felt identified.

Inside my workshop, I discovered incredible shapes that we made in the foundries, scraps and puddles that were left in the block, which I took out as soon as it cooled down because I found images of all kinds and to which I gave life. I brought together the wonders of Metal and Stone, they were my allies as well as . When walking through the streets of my neighborhood during the pruning season, I was able to do research on the permanence of organic matter, transforming it almost magically into my natural universe, and immediately through the great alchemy of fire, those branches turned into metal.


This is how works such as the forest of  Arboles, Las Magnolias, the 4 seasons, "The rebirth of the Vine" arose. It all arose as part of an investigation in my laboratory. Then came the apples, that delicious green or red or yellow fruit, which has a feminine shape, with a perfume and a very juicy flavor, which at the same time refers you to the beginning of life, The Original Sin, or The Apple of The discord. I give life and a story to each of my works, since everything is written. And other forms arose, other ideas came out of my head, I tell a story to all of them, and leave a message, or a memory.

My work is inspired by Nature, its beauty and the need for permanence of its volumes, subtle forms, work making each piece a unique work. My work is totally surreal.

Since 1999, I have been running an artistic lost wax foundry, together with the sculptor Jorge Bianchi with whom I formed a partnership, sharing a wonderful space in the Mataderos neighborhood,  in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

I use bronze as the main material and marble or pure wood, cherry, cherry, American oak or laurel, as a base to expose them, which makes the nature of the tree represented by a noble and eternal material, and the organic base, which it comes from the quarry, or from the same species.

I also use materials such as acrylic, a great ally of light,   which I carve by hand, creating a transparent work  that I illuminate with neon to generate a sensation in front of the viewer. hypnotic.

Since 2012 and up to the present I am part of the Neón Group convened by the Centoira Gallery, in Buenos Aires. For many years I participated in the exhibition until COVID-19 arrived and friends died, teachers who taught me and left their mark on my hands.

In 2019, I was named Godmother of the JII Garden No.14  DE 20, in the Mataderos neighborhood, the Garden is called "El Jardín de Los Arboles", inspired by my work. Which tries to show a bit the value of botany, Trees are my passion because in them I find subtle forms that transport me to the imagination. For me the appointment is an honor since they voted together with the educational community of the Garden and I was selected. I feel happy to be the Godmother, because my experience in Art and the moments with the little ones inspire me. They usually come to see me or I go to see them, we are always in communication. When they see the huge sculptures, they are surprised and imagine, their innocent thoughts make them imagine and create, as Picasso said  “Painting like children took me my whole life”, he said. Now it is the children who learn from Picasso to see the world in a free and daring  way, by feeling the passion of the old master, the children become themselves. Drawing inspiration from their works, young artists gain confidence and find their artistic personality. Pablo Picasso said: “All children are born artists. The problem is how to continue being artists when you grow up”. Motivating them by taking them to museums, working freely, expressing their feelings



  • Art Show Convened by @brotaBriogalerie, in a permanent collective exhibition with National and International Artists. I exhibited The Magnolias, in bronze with a travertine marble base, The Pig with butterfly wings, Aphrodite, Hera, Helena, the Goddesses of Olympus, represented in mirror-polished Bronze apples with protective lacquer and alpe green marble base.


  • Art Exhibition Tribute to Frida Kahlo, "100 Women resist the Frida Kahlo style" In this century of women, the Palermo H Gallery by Adelmo Piazza, with a career of 40 years in Art, acquires a former bookstore _cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_in the center of the City of Buenos Aires, located at Tucumán 712 and transforms it into an Art Gallery with 4 impressive rooms. As a guest Artist it was an honor to participate in the exhibition, since as an admirer of the great Mexican Artist, I wanted to express myself in some sculptures in the shape of an apple with a mouth, made in 3D in ZBrush and printed in PLA, then a prime was made for sand and leave the surface smooth to start gilding the blade. In these Apples I used a type of imported gold leaf called fantasy where each leaf has a range of base colors, blue, another in green and another in red. In this way, identify Frida in every moment of your life.  "The 3 Fridas". I reflect in each one a moment of his life.

​2020 COVID-19

  • Called to exhibit at  the Florence Biennale for 2021. 

  • Nerja Gallery, by Marta Geremias, "Rosas de Marzo" Tribute to Women. right to the otherday the World Pandemic is declared and the works were left unable to be seen by visitors

  • During the month of July, a virtual exhibition was held by Marta Geremia from the Nerja Gallery and Alicia Cunto Curator "In Memoriam 2020" Historical Record that will remain for the memory of the Pandemic that we had to live in this year. Together with a group of featured Artists we look at each other through the networks where our Works will be published from June 20.

  • Azcuy Award Project for one of the Buildings for Donna Aqcua, it consisted of carrying out a work for the Building or I was inspired by feminine forms dedicated to the beauty and transparency of water, the source of life and of the earth. Model made of acqua celeste translucent Epoxy Resin on a travertine marble base and a sphere that symbolizes femininity, subtlety of pure forms with many curves. The project was not selected but it was congratulated by the jury and I was left with the experience of being able to make an abstract and surreal work for the first time.

  • During the quarantine we worked virtually with the children of the JII 14 OF 20 Garden. The teachers stopped by my workshop to look for clay that I sent them, and the teachers sent it to them together with the Family Basket. So the boys did not stop working in Art.  then we would see each other via Zoom,  and so we could interact and have fun. Even the families participated and we were all able to overcome the difficulties we were going through due to the Pandemic that had us locked up.

  • Through the Guaraní Portal we carried out a virtual exhibition fusing Literature, Poetry, Painting and Sculpture with the Curatorship of Rosanna López Vera. Artists from several Latin American countries participated.


  • Convened by Brotabíogalerie to participate in a collective exhibition at "Olla Roja Artes y Oficio" Feminist Space curated by Kekena Corvalán, on nature and biodiversity.

  • I did a job on Greek Mythology, which tells the story of the Apple of Discord. See on my blog.

  • In October I was summoned by the "Cuida Las Lolas" foundation, an awareness campaign.

  • I made a LoLa in 3D and I did the gilding process on the leaf, transmitting the value that the female organ signifies.

  • Mural project together with the teachers of the JII 8 OF 20 of XUL SOLAR. Said mural is in the  Educational Pole of Piedra Buena and Zuviria. Piedra Buena Slaughterhouse neighborhood.


  • Today Gallery in The Art of Haydée and Teresa Nachmann, "The portal of Art" Neon Work "Micro world".

  • Centoira Gallery Neon Work "Aries", referring to my sign, I carved an acrylic with the ram in the stars illuminated with blue neon light

  • University of La Matanza, Moreno campus, I exhibited the Work illuminated with neon light and bronze puddles imitating "Constellation".

  • Luis Perlotti Sculpture Museum Work Painted fabric Acrylic "Pachamama"    Tribute _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf 58d_to mother earth.

  • Museo Napoli Castel Dell'Ovo 2019  "L'Armenia Against the World".

  • Il Verdi Theater "Celebrating La Boca" Work Neon "Woman". Woman Tree with roots and foliage Carved Acrylic illuminated in Neon in  colores

  • BAAEX Buenos Aires ArtExperience Hipódromo de Palermo Work The 4 Seasons, Bronze and Marble.

  • Borges Cultural Center IV Biennial of Contemporary Art of Argentina. awarded

  • National Museum of Decorative Art "Sombreros Intervenidos" for the Day of concentration against Skin Cancer.

  • Closing of the year in the JII Garden 14 OF 20, outdoors we made sculptures, painted, played, and had fun.

  • SPECTRUM MIAMI, December 5 to 9. 


  • House of Culture of Tigre Province of Buenos Aires.

  • Quinta El Ombú, San Fernando Province of Buenos Aires.

  • MIRA Buenos Aires Festival, Borges Cultural Center, Buenos Aires.

  • Centoria Gallery, Buenos Aires, Neon.

  • Hoy en el Arte Gallery, Buenos Aires.

  • International Art Biennial, 2nd Prize in Sculpture, Borges Cultural Center, Buenos Aires.

  • Polish Cultural Society, Sponsored by the Embassy of Poland in Argentina. Tribute to the Polish Women who stood out, I identified myself with the Climber Wanda Rutkiewicz, the first European and Polish woman to climb Mount Everest.

  • Luis Perlotti Museum, Combined Arts II, Buenos Aires.

  • Luis Roverano Museum, Quilmes, Province of Buenos Aires.

  • University of La Matanza, Buenos Aires.


  • Centoira Gallery Neon Work "Mandalas".

  • Museum of Sculptures Luis Perlotti Work Neon.


  • Centoira Gallery Shows Neon Art "Nemeton" the Tree of Life, a work made of hand-carved Acrylic with neon light on a wooden base



  • Centoira Gallery Shows Neon Art 

  • Exhibition for the Embassy of Poland, a sample that takes place every year in the House of Culture where Artists of Polish origin participate and select exclusive Artists.


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