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What are Marine Corals?

They resemble rocks but in reality they are invertebrate colonial animals that play a fundamental role in the aquatic world. They are very similar to the anemone and group together to form large reefs in tropical and subtropical waters.

My corals are the product of wax dripping in the oven, a coincidence that transformed them into an image that gives life. By casting them in statuary bronze that has 80% copper, I have managed to highlight their textures and imitate the color they have inside the ocean. That makes them unique and unrepeatable pieces. Each one has its inner world.

What do corals transmit? 

People with the coral totem will have their roots firmly planted no matter where they are. Therefore, they will always know when and where to start a project. They will also understand how to use perfect tense and patience.

People with this spirit animal are willing to allow the Universe to guide them in their endeavors. They know how to bring things to fruition, provide protection for all, as well as generate longevity.

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