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Our Workshop is dedicated to making our large-scale Works of Art commissioned by Collectors,  Provinces of our Country. For Abroad, USA, Spain, France, Greece, Italy, and neighboring countries. As well as works for other Artists who seek to bring their Works to Bronze or Aluminum.  Throughout these years great Masters have passed, and of each one of them we remain with the certainty and the gratitude that each work was treated with the respect and professionalism they deserve. That is why we can interpret and work as a team, for that we offer you all our work team and the experiences that we have been collecting throughout our trajectory. Our workshop is equipped with the latest technology tools, we have invested in 3D printers with which we can design any product or design, be it a sculpture or an object. decorativo, or Serialized Works of Masters. For this we have the approval of the family orFoundation and the certification of our Lost Wax Casting and Sculpture Workshop. Using 3D Printing, we can take it to bronze without going through wax since the material we use PLA which melts just like wax. If the Client brings the file and needs to work on it, he can do so withoutno problema because in our workshop we have an office equipped withdesign programs and realizations so that clients feel comfortable and can participate, correct or give us the idea of what they want to propose.  If it were necessary to make copies, once the work is printed it is retouched in wax to give it texture or simply works according to the needs that the client proposes. A rubber mold is made and the process of casting, blocks, burning and casting is carried out.  The Patina or polishing is carried out in the workshop in many cases the client tells us what his idea is and we carry it out or he interacts with us. We are Artists working with Artists.

We also make to order images of all kinds, religious, heroes, animals of everything, from a horse in sketch we take it to the height that the client wants, 3 meters or more. We have no limits for any type ofcreation artistic.

We work for Art Professionals, Students, Unions, Large Companies, Provinces, Nation, GBA, Foreigners, Architects with Projects. etc


Puertas para la Fundación Don Orione Sede Central_edited.jpg

Puertas en Bronce para la

Fundación Don Orione

Cabeza, para la fundación Carpani

Reproducción de una 

Obra de Ricardo Carpani

Encargada Por su Viuda Doris

Monumento por los 100 años de Roemmers_edited.jpg

Monumento por los 100 años de Roemmers

Realizado en Chapa de Bronce Pulida a Espejo

Bronce fundido sobra y va a la lingotera.jpeg

Crisol con Bronce

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